Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blustery Business

I wish I could say that it has been business as usual here, and in a way it has - just a lot more of the usual.

I recently found out that I have to retake the GRE because several of the schools I am applying to have raised their scores for admission. The academic market is competitive and this is just another bump in the road. The really horrible part of this though, is that I have to take the GRE by Nov 16th for it to count towards my Ph.D applications. I am on a very strict work schedule that if I can stick to it, I will manage to get everything done. I feel more than ever at this moment that my life is in God's hands. I am so blessed that I that support network that I do.

The weather has turned blustery and cool and Grant has been keeping us stocked up on delicious chili. I spend the mornings with a cup of hot coffee in my hands and my books spread on the table before me.
The cats and Ginger have been extra cuddly as if they know that the seasons are changing. 

Tonight I have been listening to a combination of Indigo Girls and Greek Orthodox church music, for some reason it seems like the perfect combination while I read about medieval cosmology. 


  1. Oh man - I'm so sorry you have to retake the GRE, and so soon! I'll be praying for you, friend.

  2. thanks, lovlies! I am freaking out! I have been in submarine mode for the past week and will be through the 15th! oi vey!