Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Bundle of Beauty

A bundle of pretty flowers from my aunt's garden! I am always in awe of the majesty and brilliance of flowers, but these struck me as especially wonderful as the only thing I have seen 'blooming' in Norman is grass. I created three small-ish bouquets and placed them around the main living area of our apartment. One is currently sitting at my desk and it is just delightful to look at while I sip mint tea and type a paper.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Windy, Windy

Today is such a blustery day! We are expecting some serious tornadic activity later this evening. I am mostly concerned that we are going to lose power as we usually do any time there is heavy rain or wind. Oh well, such is living on the plains!

 I so wish I had my camera yesterday when I was driving back from Texas. The storm clouds were rolling in over I-35 and I had such a great view of the open pasture land to the west of the highway around sunset. I noticed that people were pulling off to the side of the road to watch the storm, so I decided to stop too. Some people were recording the rolling clouds that were tumbling along the skyline, at first obscuring and then revealing the glorious peach and gold sunset.

Today I am working in our room and trying to finish a paper. The wind is tossing our curtains around and making the whole house smell like spring rain. Nyx is curled up next to me on the bed and sleeping away the afternoon. She doesn't seem to mind when I mumble something random from Aristotle's Physics as I try and find a specific quotation. She is a sweetie like that.

Since I didn't get my own picture of the storm over the highway yesterday, check this one out from It is pretty close to what I saw!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When the Minutes Seem like Hours...

Long time and no blogging! Sorry, loves! Things in the last few weeks have been busy in the Baker household. Nearly every weekend for the past few weeks we have been driving back home to Tulsa for various family events, and I have to tell you we are pooped out! On top of the travels, it is getting to be that time of year again when I have to start locking myself away to work on final papers and research projects. Ah, good ol'finals!

Random updates from our lives.

1) I can now play four full songs on my autoharp and I am getting better at using my finger picks!

2) Grant is becoming a fantastic cook and I am one very lucky girl!

3) In about a month we will be gaining a new member to our family, a small furry little critter named Bosco.

4) We have discovered the importance of gin at any event, especially if said event involves videogames.

5) We are on a mission to make espresso milkshakes.

6) We are currently in the process of watching all episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix.

7) Probably the handiest thing to have around your house is a staple gun and duct tape.

8) Tye-dyed items make great gifts.

9) We like pancakes and our new handmade toothbrush holder from Jenson Studios.

10) We had a fantastic 1 year anniversary weekend. Anniversaries totally rock.

11) Spent Easter weekend listening to old  blues albums thanks to our local NPR station.

12) Coffee sacks make great decorations.

Isn't this picture cute! We went to the medieval fair in Norman for part of our anniversary festivities. We had such a great time and enjoyed seeing all of the vendors, acts, and families running around...and ponies!