Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gardening for Escape

It has been the kind of weekend in which I only want to play. I don't want to think about my presentation tomorrow, or my midterm, or my paper due this week. I want it to be Saturday for about a week. The anthem of this weekend for me has easily been 'Bird Song' by The Wailin' Jennys. So beautiful!!!

This weekend was glorious. I had my first autoharp lesson! I just love this little (surprisingly powerful) instrument. It makes me smile with its myriad of sounds. I hope that I do it justice as time goes by. I also got a few more things planted on our balcony. Grant and I found a Mother-in-Law Tongue to add to our indoor plant collection. I baked scones and had coffee with friends. Grant and I also enjoyed a wonderful evening with Jasper and Deah. Watched 'Dead and Breakfast' (best zombie movie soundtrack I have ever heard) and ate AMAZING food. We have been so blessed with beautiful friends.

I realized that with the coming spring I have been experiencing such a need to be outside. I am interested in joining a community garden here in Norman/OKC area. Anyone know of one? I just want to get out in the dirt, such a great stress relief.

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