Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long Night Headin' Into Mornin'

Excuse the title, I have just been on a serious Wailin' Jenny's kick.

This last week has been a super hectic one in the Baker household. Week two of Lent hit Grant and I with full swing and we are a little worse for wear. After a cranky wife didn't have sugar in her coffee for nearly two weeks and a husband who would rather read Tom Stoppard (no judgement here) than work on his own material, needless to say we were a little crabby and frustrated. I also had lots of projects due last week which sent me away to the dark confines of the Fine Arts Library for many afternoon and evenings. On top of everything Nyx was at the vet this week for surgery and all I wanted to do was stay home with her and make sure she was recovering well.

I have found myself operating on a very strange schedule. I feel like I have become some sort of night creature, I suppose this is how nursing students feel or the night-shift guy at the gas station. I feel like I only get to come out at night. This is not entirely true, but I feel like most of my life operates on a weird schedule in which I am indoors most of the time but only get to run errands at very strange moments. For example, tonight I am once again at the library working on a paper and afterwards (probably around midnight) I will head to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week. This has been my life since starting graduate school. I realize that anytime I don't have to be at work or in class and the sun is out I am not getting work done, I want to PLAY! I find myself looking over seed catalogues while sitting on our balcony, or reading something not related to school, or playing with out pets, or practicing my autoharp, or....just about anything else that does not relate to school. Also, most of my time is spent alone, which never really used to bother me but now it does. I feel sort of disconnected from everything and everybody.

I did learn today that there is a surefire way of beating the blues and that is three-day old kittens. My friend Sarah is now sharing her house with six new kittens which Grant and I went to see today. They are adorable! It was such a neat thing just getting to watch them blindly flop around and squeak at one another. I can't wait until they get bigger and we get to see their personalities come out!

Well, this nocturnal thing is headed back to work.

Sweet dreams or happy rompings, be you a sun creature or a fellow nocturnal thing.


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