Sunday, March 25, 2012

Balcony Seats in my Backyard

Forgive my laps in posting, darlings, but I have been so busy this week! It has been Spring Break here and I have managed to enjoy it despite academic deadlines looming in the very near future. Let me apologize now that there are no pictures from most of break, as usual, I forgot to bring my camera to a special event, typical me.

Last weekend was spent back home for the wedding of some of our very dear friends. The ceremony was absolutely lovely. Fires crackled inside in gorgeous enclosures, while outside, storm clouds threatened a grey rain which never broke. Simple, radiant, elegant; those would be the words I would use to describe the event. The bridal party looked ethereal and the groomsmen were dashing, and needless to note the bride and groom were made even more beautiful by their obvious happiness. F√©licitations, mes amis!

The wedding was followed up by a reunion of sorts. All weekend Grant and I were treated to delicious pozole, Mexi-Cokes, Doubleshot Coffee, homemade Italian food, semi-reubens, cigars, and slushies with our amazing friends. I think I love wedding weekends even more now that Grant and I have moved away from our hometown. Wedding weekends bring all of our old college friends together and for a few precious days we like to pretend that time will stand still.

Grant unfortunately had to return to work early Monday morning so I stayed in Tulsa for a few days to spend time with my family. I got a much needed haircut, too! Sunday evening I went to dinner with my Dad and step-mom with a run to Freckles afterwards! A viewing of The Jerk  and peeling more wallpaper as my mom slowly transforms an old office into her dining room. My mom and I also went shopping while I was in town for decorations for her house. I love shopping with my mom, she is probably the most creative person to shop with and she is such a blast!

This trip was really fun because Grant and I are also redecorating our apartment. Well, let me be more specific, our apartment is a culmination of decorations which span our lives from the last 10 years. Some things work well together...other things, not so much. For example, Grant hates all of my museum exhibition posters that are all over the place and says they make our apartment look like a coffeehouse. To be fair, the man worked in a coffee shop for nearly three years, so I will give him this one. Grant's decorations consist of 'novelty' items, like dinosaur piggy banks, cool rocks, and "brainy" kids toys. All of which are cool, but remind me too much of my high school bedroom. So, we are redecorating!

I have taken down the posters that had previously filled our entire entry way (conversation piece, I called it) and replaced them with a few, color-coordinated images. On our landing I put up a long framed mirror which also helps to catch some of the light in our living room. Next on the to-do list is put up our newly framed coffee sacks (from Doubleshot, of course) in the dining room. We still have new sofas to get and a T.V (apparently we are the only people I know who still use a box T.V.) but we are getting there. It's funny, we have been married almost a year and we are still trying to get things figured out with our living arrangements! But, I should say, that the coolest thing bought this weekend was a bench for our balcony! It was our (early) anniversary gift from my parents. It is just wonderful. In fact, I am sitting on it right now, enjoying the last rays of sunlight and the delicious smells coming from the kitchen as Grant makes dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, all of you out there, I know I will.

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