Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cake for a King

 The little things are the big things. I woke up, did a load of dishes, made the bed, walked Ginger, straightened up the living room, and got ready for work. I was on time, traffic was heavy but moving, the sun was shining and I saw the first daffodils of 2012 off of Main Street! I even had hot tea in my travel mug and ABBA on my iPod, it was going to be a good day. After a day of work and class; I came home and baked a loaf of bread, got books in the mail and Grant's vintage national parks sticker (to commemorate our anniversary), and we made gumbo for dinner! Lassiez les bons temps roulez, bebes.


  1. Oh Ginger!! That cutie! I miss her~ You know Katya, I love this blog of yours, I think I might actually attempt to do something more regular myself...LOVE the title pic - sooo fitting! <3 by the way - my voice is back - lets chat sometime soon!!

  2. yay! So glad that you like it! It is so good to "hear" from you! A phone/video chat soon would be aawesome! Let me know if you start a blog, I will follow it!