Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Sky

This has been such a rainy weekend and I am truly enjoying it! So far, this weekend has been one wonder after another.

The first, that I did not become lost on a lone Kansas highway at night. In moments of doubt I just channelled Sam and Dean Winchester and all was okay.

The second, that I got to spend the first half of my weekend with some of the most wonderful people on the earth.

The third, that I found the best americano outside of Doubleshot...however, it is constructed with love in Kansas...not Oklahoma.

The fourth, people in small towns know how to decorate for Halloween and this pleases me beyond words.

The fourth (subcategory A), Small towns that don't try to be big towns are the absolute best. Are you listening, Norman???

The fifth, did you know that Emporia, KS is where celebrating Veterans Day was born?

The sixth, The Art Therapy Association of Kansas put together a gallery show of art made by veterans suffering from PTSD.  It was truly amazing. All of the soldiers had made paper by boiling down parts of their uniform or gear and then pressing it to make paper. There is an actual technique for this, but I forgot the terminology. After the paper was ready, they drew or painted on it. The symbology of this process was so moving to behold.

The seventh, that my cousin can make waffle syrup with just brown sugar, water and patience. She is magical. Also, eating waffles and watching British sitcoms with those nearest and dearest might possibly be one of my favorite things ever.

The eighth, this evening in Norman the sky was a fantastic yellow during the heaviest part of a rainstorm. Not sure what all that was about, but it was pretty nifty.

The eighth (subcategory A), since it is rainy I am planning outfits around wearing my cowboy boots.

The ninth, I love meal planning for company. I love cooking for people and sharing a well prepared (well, some times a haphazardly prepared) meal together. Clara and Joe are staying with us on Monday night and I am already thinking of what to make.

The tenth, spending time with Grant tonight. I love those Saturdays when I am not at the library until 11pm and can just spend some time at home. Kasey Chambers is playing in the background, lulling the animals to be calm and cuddly. Grant and I both had naps this afternoon while listening to the rainstorms, and inbetween articles, I even painted my nails!

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