Friday, June 1, 2012

When the Storm Comes

I am so glad to get back to blogging! Finals nearly did me in and with the start of the summer class sessions immediately after the close of the semester, I was pooped! Believe it or not I was actually writing some posts during those long crazy nights spent typing at the library, so I apologize now for the numerous "back-dated" entries to come.

So much has been happening in our lives since the semester ended! We have already traveled up to St.Louis to visit some of our nearest and dearest. I planted our summer garden. We got two new little kittens in our house. We made homemade butter (amazing!). Watched the entirety of Jersey Shore on Netflix. Picked fresh blackberries at my parent's house. Went to a picnic. Watched the NBA finals at our favorite burger joint (Thunder Up!!). Had our first serious power outage in Norman during a massive thunderstorm. And we are currently in the process of planning an amazing exodus to Colorado for a camping trip in August. But what I am most excited about is getting to explore our new town a little more while a have a "limited" break from school.

First on the to-do list for exploring Norman...
Spend an afternoon at a park! Any park!
Visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Downtown OKC.
Go bowling.
There is a French/Vietnamese bakery in OKC...and I WILL find it!
Find a community garden to contribute to.
Find a good coffee shop.

That sums my list up right now, but I am open to suggestions!!
I love summer.

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