Wednesday, June 13, 2012

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Or, really just some of my "new" favorite things!

This set of trivets. They are about 5" high and made entirely of cast iron and have a big 'TAIWAN' stamped on the back. They belonged to my great-grandmother and my mom acquired them at some point when we were living in (or had just moved into) our apartment  in the late '90s. I love these little things! I think they are adorable...and they make we want to cook something small just so that I could use a tiny serving dish and place it on top of one of them. (Don't you love how I hang things at my house?? Thumb tacks, classy!)

My autoharp. I got a crazy notion in my head to start playing autoharp around Christmas this last year. Two of our new Norman friends said that they could teach me too! To date I have only had two lessons, but I hope to rock out again with my fantastic music teachers. I do practice on my own, and so far I can play five songs! And no, I don't just strum...I am really trying to learn to use my finger picks. My autoharp is a reissue of a 1930's Oscar Schmidt model. It is solid black and has sharp angles which helps me hold it better. Her name is Jetta. I like to think that she is a dirty mouthed old lady who drinks too much, but also makes homemade cards for all of her friends and family for Christmas. I imagine that when I mess up a chord or I drop my pick  into the hole (which happens when I am strumming), that she just smiles and tells me to just get my shit together and that everything will be okay.

A book of Art Nouveau tiles. I love Art Nouveau. Yeah, I know. I am supposed to be a "serious" art history grad student, but you know what (?!?) I have a soft sport in my heart for Art Nouveau and Edwardian illustrative art which no amount of academia is going to mess with! I found this great book at the library one day when I was purposefully looking for a distraction. I had recently spent some thought on making tin-can lanterns/candle holders for the balcony, and was sketching a few pattern ideas early in the day...and then I found this book! I cannot wait until I get some free time later this summer when I can translate a few of these designs onto tin candle holders.

National Public Radio. I cannot tell you how often I get to a point in the early mornings, when I have been up all night typing or reading for class, when the coffee stops working and I have already cleaned everything in the house...and I still have to stay up, that I turn on my radio to NPR and I get a new jolt of energy. Thank you NPR for being so awesome. If you like NPR as much as I do you should give them some money! It is public radio after all! Just click on the link and help keep fellow grad students like me going!

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