Friday, June 29, 2012

Swingin' Summertime

I think my Amazon account is trying to tell me something. This is what I found in my shopping cart this morning. Two glorious pin-up magnets, an April March CD, and some seriously geometric cat eye glasses.

This just goes to show you that spending a week watching Quentin Tarantino movies and L.A. Ink, listening to surfer rock and rockabilly beats, and generally feeling pissed off at things, will distill and make you think that you are a gritty, badass-chic from California circa 1962.

I still really want the April March CD...and the pin-up magnets. But those glasses could have been a serious mistake.

Summer does strange things to me, almost as if my senses were on overdrive. I have to be constantly engaged and my need for grittiness goes up. I start stockpiling my life with B-rated slasher horror flicks, 1960s crime and teeny-bopper films, more spicy food and booze, glitter nail polish (the really trashy kind), a near constant stream of profanities, and if I smoked...I can guarantee that I would resemble something like a female Raoul Duke.

So when the temperature gets as hot as hell, cool down with your pals Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, and Jayne Mansfield and watch a few choice counter-culture movies (obviously while you booze it up, chain smoke, and paint your nails). These two are my current summer favs...

PS- Both of these movies are MST3K dubbed and on Netflix. Enjoy!
PSS- Have a swingin' weekend, babies!

Girl in Gold Boots (1968)
The Rebel Set (1959)

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