Monday, December 17, 2012

A Moment...

Hello! My goodness these last few weeks have simply flown by! Is this really another semester done? Already? Late library nights, thesis proposals (I passed!), homework, and excessive daydreams (hence that glorious, stormy cornfield), are all put on pause for the moment.

Today has been my first "official" day of break, although truthfully I was done with school last Thursday...and that is when the celebrations began! That evening the grad school gals and I had a night in with the Magic Mike DVD, a lovely spread of hors d'oeuvres, and a bartender to boot (thanks, Sydney!). It was simply lovely and so nice to just relax and kick back with some truly fantastic people.

On Friday, Grant and I also had a night in that was much needed, and we brainstormed and made plans for his sister's visit next weekend. Have I mentioned how much I like having company visit us? And visits during the holidays are especially nice...because that usually means that Grant makes his signature hot cocoa and I make strawberry rhubarb tarts. Excited!

Oh, and Grant's work's Christmas party was Saturday night! What a fun bunch! We had a great time and I really enjoyed meeting more of his co-workers.
And Sunday we went on a much needed pilgrimage to the grocery store and finished almost(!) all of our Christmas shopping!! We also got all but a few of our Christmas cards in the mail!

I must confess that having company gives us an excuse to put up our Christmas tree...something we have so far neglected to do! We have been doing some deep cleaning and cleaning out before we drag out our decorations. How is it that before you move, you get rid of so much stuff...but you somehow always gain it back again at each new place?? Simply amazing.

Tomorrow night Grant and I are planning a night of cooking and Chrsitmasing. We decided to try making Croque Monsieur sandwiches and I am going to attempt to make gingerbread cookies. Confession, I have never actually tried gingerbread cookies before, and by that I mean both eating or cooking them. Those who are nearest and dearest to me know that I am almost exclusively a chocolate chip cookie girl...but I am trying to branch out! And have you guys heard about this? Leaving your cookie dough in the fridge for 36 hours before baking so that all of the wet and dry ingredients can truly merge?! I am going to try it and report back!

Anyway, during/after dinner we are going to decorate our tree and watch a movie! I am so glad to spend some quality time with Grant, these last few weeks have been so stressful, and the break could not get here fast enough.

Also, thank you to all who responded about your favorite Christmas or holidayesque movies! I also learned that I am one of the few people who doesn't like Elf very much...go figure. But, thanks to Asher, I think tomorrow night we are watching The Apartment. One of our favs, but would not have thought to watch it at Christmas!

Um, and I am totally watching Little Women (Winona Ryder version) tonight while I mix up the cookie dough.

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