Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Three R's

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

This has been a summer of "greening" for Grant and I. We started recycling, buying organic produce, using vinegar as my primary clean-up spray, supporting more local businesses (read: local restaurants and plant nurseries), made an outright bird haven on our balcony, and the list keeps growing. We have had to get creative with our ways of living "eco/local-friendly" because the ways that we know how to be green usually involves having a bit of land and a house. Obviously, we have been on the look out for apartment friendly ways of being environmentally conscious since we will probably be apartment renters for a long time to come!

Recently a friend of ours turned us on to Eco Nuts, a laundry 'soap' that is made from soap berries! I love the idea of it! This is something that we can do in an apartment laundry facility easy peesy. For the amount of berries you use/load (2 or so) you can use them for up to 40 loads (if I am remembering the product pitch correctly).

Has anyone else tried these? Any thoughts? What would be some other things that we could do in an apartment to check our consumption of goods and do our part for a green planet? What has worked for you?

Also, check out this awesome list of household tips from It has changed my life.


  1. AWESOME household tips!!! I love it! One I know, but don't do often (because I am like...never home...) instead of air freshener spray - cut a lemon and sit it in a bowl of water in the middle of the biggest room. I had a professor who swore by it to clear the air before people come over :)

  2. wow! thanks! I love that. I use lemon wedges and sea salt to scrub my coffee pot once every now and then to really, really clean it when the dishwasher just doesn't cut it. I love finsing things to do with lemons! I bet you could even slice it up into discs, add some flowers, a floating candle and really make it pretty for company!

    I just got carried away there.