Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sun Sets on Summer

Today is my last day of summer "break". I am in complete denial. Grant and I rebelled this weekend by spending some quality time together. This included a Rockabilly dance party, a Battlestar Gallactica marathon until 3am (Doubleshot coffee was involved), a trip to the farmer's market, getting free plants, a fantastic thunderstorm that cooled down the entire weekend, the discovery that bacon and basil is our new favorite flavor combination (we made BLTs this weekend, but instead of lettuce we used was fantastic), we made this (another new fav), and I got to feel like an adult as I registered for my office hours and ethics training.

Now, with the windows open and the birds singing outside, we are enjoying the clean summer breeze floating through our house. Tonight we are going to watch Hugo as I finish some last minute things for class tomorrow. I even got us Fig Newtons for a snack...because we are five year olds.

This pictures: 1) a very cute card sent to someone who taught me to appreciate red boots. 2) the belly of my new favorite, gaudy-awful lamp. 3) a bench outside of a church near campus that is overrun with morning glories and sunflowers. 4) the coolest garden gnomes ever. 5) that storm I was talking about. 6) Oren didn't like that my thesis research was covering up the entire he sat in the fruit, it was not empty. 7) Nyx does not always sit still long enough to get her picture taken. This is a rare glimpse of our demon cat looking adorable. 8) Melting chocolate and butter for the goat cheese and raspberry brownies I made for my birthday.

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