Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Know What Beauty Is

There are days that I miss people more than on other days. While my support network is cast quite wide these days there are some people, some truly beautiful people, that are at its core. Some of them are family, some of them are friends, some of them were unexpected, but all of them are dear to me. With Valentines Day approaching, I thought I would take a page from Leslie Knope's playbook and think about my Gal-entines.

These women whose photos I have shared are some of the most truly gorgeous people that I have come to know. They are strong in their vulnerability, they are gracious in their flaws. At different times they have all been my role models, mentors, and partners in crime. They have sat with me over countless cups of coffee, glasses of wine, and red solo cups. We have talked long into the night. We have both whispered and sang, laughed and cried. We have been afraid and bold together. They stood with me when I stood at the altar.

These women are Beauty.

I wish you all a Happy Galentines Day.


  1. Such beautiful women, and I would have put your picture up there too :) :) :).

    Miss you friend!

  2. Oh my god you made me cry! I love you Katya! <3 My world would be darker and less full of amazing if you weren't in it. I totally miss you always! Also - my fave pic of Abby!

  3. <3 you Jennybear

    Clara! I didn't mean to make you cry! I suppose I got carried away, but I like telling people how much they mean to me. I love that pic of Abs too!
    I really like the pics I chose. Each one speaks to me about who the subject is.

    You, ever Clara Bow. (and all sparkles). Confidence, courage, and character. Also, the ridge in your chin (one of your greatest genetic features) is center stage. Family. Rock. Friend. and Anchor. Above all, sister.

    Abs, is iconic and bold in this shot. She is both someone I love and know, and yet so very much her own person. Keeping a secret just for herself. A slight mystery to me. Unconditional need to love and protect, but I hold her with open hands.

    Nicole, I love this pic of her. You can see that hint of her smile as she looks out at the Italian landscape. The world is hers to hold. I will always think of her as being ever intrepid. Bold in all that she does. She is also one of the most gracious and kind women I have ever met. Already a great lady.

    Ange, mostly I love how this looks like a still from a horror movie. And I also like that Ange would love that about this pic too. Ange has a quiet strength that I so admire and this pic captures that (to me). I also like to think that right after the pic was taken she would turn, laugh, and shoot a look like "why did you just take a pic when I wasn't looking?!"

    Joanna, she loves me unconditionally and always has. She is so full of life and has her heart set on bringing joy to everyone, she just can't help it. She builds people up, but is also vulnerable to having people not being able to return that type of affection. It is a difficult act to follow. She challenges me to be a better friend every time I see her. Her eyes sparkle in this photo, full of life and love for people that don't deserve it.

    Jenny, those eyes! I remember when she and I met, we would have conversations and she would never look away from me. At first I was unnerved by this, but then I realized that it is because I had her attention, and that she cared about what I was saying. I realized that my character flaw of not looking at people's eyes when they were talking would be considered rude (duh, I know right). But I had always been intimidated to do so. Jenny gave me patient confidence in myself. She let me know through that attentive, unyielding gaze, that what I thought and felt was important to her. I will always love her for that.