Monday, September 24, 2012

Of Fried Noodles and Lemon Wedges

By the 17th grade (yes, 17th), I feel like I have learned something about cooking (in some sense of the word) - the previous post excluded.

For example,

I have learned that I always have enough ingredients to make...something....

Always have a stock of random frozen food items on hand. They will save your ass some day.

Peanut butter is manna from heaven.

No matter how you cook 'em, or what magic you perform on 'em, mushrooms are always nasty.

In this household we make food in bulk, if you screw up the recipe, guess're still eating it for at least a week. There have been months when we went through a lot of hot sauce. If you don't understand that last statement, bless you, you are not southern or ghetto enough.

Asian grocery stores are where it's at for fresh and cheap produce.

I have learned that my husband is super skilled in the kitchen. Whether this has been breed out of necessity - because I do not have the time to cook every other night - or constant practice, is beyond me, but the man can cook.

Ramen can be great, just don't eat it as your only food source for two weeks straight...this will make you anemic (and cranky).

And last, and maybe most important....

Booze is a great source for calories if you're in a pinch.

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