Monday, September 10, 2012

Coffee Conquest

As promised my lovelies, a recipe from my friend Sam for a way to make cold brew coffee with little to no effort! All you need is a french press. So, take your darling little french press and fill it with the normal amount of coffee grounds that you would use to make hot coffee. I added about 1 tbs more grounds than I would usually do, but I like strong cold brew, so I thought I would try a little extra in this batch. Once the grounds are in the bottom of the container fill the press with cold water. Leave unpressed - this is very important - and store it in your fridge overnight. I had to readjust my fridge shelves to allow the unpressed container to fit! I let my press sit for about 10 hours before pressing it and I think that it is just about right. This morning, with my balcony door open to let in the lovely 70* weather, I enjoyed my cold brew over ice and splashed with some sweet cream. I believe I have found the perfect way to start a Monday.

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