Sunday, June 30, 2013

St. Louis, We Love You

Grant has been on vacation this week and accordingly we have been on so many adventures! To begin with we traveled to St. Louis to visit our wonderful friends Nicole, Matt, and Stephen. FYI, Nicole has a gorgeously scrumptious cooking blog, Law School's Cooking, and you should really be reading it!

We drank such wonderful coffee, went to a guerrilla restaurant called The Agrarian, made homemade chicken and waffles (with a gluten-free alternative), drank lots wine and moonshine, smoked some of my remaining Cloves, played music, Matt taught us some mad Yoga skills, and we got stormed out of a outdoor performance of Spamalot (consequently, we realized that we have no problem entertaining ourselves on such an occasion when you are stuck outside, soaking wet, with only a thermos full of wine between five people). 

While our friends were at work Grant and I explored the city. We wanted to got to the art museum, but it was closed when we were there! Instead, we went to the zoo, Kayaks Coffee became our new hub, Crusco's deli (get their pastrami sandwich, you can go ahead and thank us for the recommendation), the arch, the courthouse were the Dred Scott case was passed, the basilica, and generally just enjoyed the sites. My only regret is that my camera died fairly early into the trip, so unfortunately, many of the wonderful things that we did are not documented. 

We also made a quick hit and run at Trader Joe's before heading home. We basically just bought a ton of wine. Don't judge us. 

Our vacation and adventures are not over yet though! We still have two things on the menu to try: homemade cronuts and a fresh fig and goat cheese tart. Stay posted for recipes and the usual kitchen madness! 

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