Thursday, May 16, 2013

Season's End

Today I said good-bye to my faithful bamboo plant. My mom bought him for me when I started college. He survived six moves, college dorms, apartments, rent houses, and our first home (well, really, just another apartment...but whatever). I thought that he was just browning like bamboo plants are want to do on occasion. However, I was wrong. The poor thing was not going to come back. It was sad to extract him from his vase and rinse off the rocks that had cradled his roots.

However, today was not all sadness. I planted four new plants on our balcony. Two ferns, a blue plantain lily, and purple coral bells. Our balcony is starting to look thoroughly cheerful again, and just in time for the summer season. I took my afternoon tea outside after I had finished planting. It felt downright decadent!

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