Monday, July 9, 2012

July with a Twang

A note on the title: Every time I hear 'July' I think of the character in Lonsome Dove and want to say it "Joo-Lie" with a twang.

Summer is officially here! I am done with classes and Grant and I are moving on to planning trips this summer! List of destinations and fellow adventurers: Captains Grant and Katie Baker, chief partners in crime and the makers of all good summer playlists and chai. Executive co-pilot Nicole Matlock, legal counsel and the bringer of humor and cheer; Matt Matlock and Stephen Tyree, tech crew and navigators of all things culinary. Together, this band of rebels, will cruse through the mid-west of 'Merica in search of the Great Awesome of summer roadtrips in a futile (but beautiful) resistance of the next looming semester of higher education and adult jobdom.

This past weekend was only the beginning of our adventures....
God Made This Picture

Also, watch this and be thrilled...

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